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The challenge of communicating about the commons

Silke Helfrich, international expert of the commons, was one of four special guests at the Montreal Art of Commoning event that took place in 2014 organized by the Montreal Art of Hosting community.We wanted a format that would allow us to tap into the...
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What’s the commons?

What’s your answer? What framing works for you? After a three-day Art of Commoning event, here are some answers, happily remixed. And some light moments This remix is based on self-organized video snippets recorded at the “Com-fessional”...
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The Work – La giffle gentille

  Lors d’un événement AoH récent, l’équipe d’hôtes était rassemblée autour d’un verre pour faire un retour sur la journée de travail. Tout était paisible jusqu’au moment où nous avons abordé The Work, une...
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Photos from the Art of Commoning

The Art of Commoning photos have been published on the Montreal Art of Hosting Flickr page! Day 1: Day 2: Day 3:
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The Art of Commoning – David Boillier

This past weekend I learned a lot about the art of commoning through a process known as The Art of Hosting.  It’s a methodology for eliciting the collective wisdom and self-organizing capacity of a group – which is obviously important for a successful...